The services of the hotel

  • Breakfast
  • Luggage
  • Cab
  • Small city garden
  • Terrace


Enjoy yourbreakfast in the living room-library…

Come and enjoy a French-style breakfast consistingof pastries from a localbaker and French cheeses in a refined living room-librarywith a sober and warm neo-Scandinavian design. Come again soon andstroll amongsome Paris guides and artistic books on the Avant-garde. You can book your breakfast online with your room. You can also ask for a room service.

« Paris is a city that entrances us all... »



Haveadrink in the redlounge…

Do you want to have a conversation or an aperitif?An intimate small lounge with discreet shutters diffuses thecozyatmosphere of a contemporary boudoir for short exchanges and small talks... If you have just come backfrom a walkoryouareready to go out and mingle with the Parisiancrowd, sit down first and havea break in the redlounge.

« You always receive somethingin return for what you have givento Paris… »



Take your time on the upper terrace…

Would you like to breathe the air of the burning roofs of Paris or the freshness of aterracedgarden? Take the hotel elevator to the top floor and let yourselfdaydreamon a terrace, witha glass in hands.

« In Paris, you can feel the spring in the air in every season... »



Getfresh air in the garden…

The hotel garden gate opens onto a charming urban little garden with plant walls. A ramp of greenery and presto! Leave behind all the hustle and bustle of the city, pause for breath...

« A garden is a pleasure for a lifetime... »

Hôtel Max - 34, rue d'Alésia - 75014 Paris, France
MAIL - TEL :+33 1 43 27 60 80 - FAX : +33 1 43 20 29 09
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